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Property Management

Birtcher Anderson Realty Managements’s business model of acquire-own-manage-sell, ensures that every property is managed and leased by a dedicated and highly skilled team of professionals.  Being part of the acquisitions process allows the management and leasing team to “hit the ground running” with developing tenant and vendor relationships, and being familiar with the new property.  Asset managers work with our investors to keep them informed on the progress of the execution of the Business Plan for the property.

Birtcher Anderson’s property management platform utilizes a “Team” approach to ensure all aspects of management, leasing, construction and execution of the Business Plan are handled at the most professional level.

The Team

Asset Manager – Responsible for investor relations, oversight of property manager and leasing agent, updating ARGUS cash flow projections and the business plan during hold period and ultimately responsible for the Asset’s performance.

Property Manager – Responsible for day-to-day property operations, including oversight of vendor services, tenant relations, lease administration security, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Tenant Improvement and construction supervision, annual budget preparation and monthly reports.

Leasing Manager – Responsible for day-to-day lease renewals and expansions. Oversees the performance of 3rd party brokerage team for marketing and leasing vacant space. Negotiates final terms and documents.

Accounting Manager – Responsible for all A/P and A/R, monthly financial reporting of Income Statement, Balance sheet, and bank reconciliations.

Birtcher Anderson’s dedicated Property Management team provides a full spectrum of services including:

  • Annual Business Plan and Budget preparation
  • Monthly financial reporting to investors
  • Execution of Business Plan
  • Lease administration and lease review
  • Building operations and engineering services
  • Construction and Tenant improvement supervisory services
  • Tenant relations
  • Negotiation and documentation of new leases, renewals and expansions

Bircher Anderson’s approach recognizes the important role of technology, using EMS systems where appropriate, seeks Energy Star ratings, and implements energy savings processes and automation from HVAC systems to Title 24 lighting and sensor automation, and installation of drought-tolerant landscaping.


For fiscal and administrative management, Birtcher Anderson uses:

  • YARDI – Web-based software for lease administration, billing, and financial reporting. Investors can pull reports at any time.
  • ARGUS – Financial projection software for proforma modeling and tracking the investment’s return during the hold period, updating as needed.
  • AVID EXCHANGE – Web-based software for processing all Accounts Payable, ensuring timely, accurate approval protocols are maintained.
  • CERTIGO – Tracking system to ensure tenant insurance certificates are kept up to date.
  • ADP – Web-based payroll system for clocking in via computer or cell phone ensures accurate payroll processes for all employees.

With its decades of experience in owning and managing its own real estate investments, Birtcher Anderson has developed a “battle tested” platform to ensure that each property is being managed in such a way to ensure maximum value for its Owners.