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Strategy and Philosophy

Birtcher Anderson is an established owner/operator of commercial real estate, and has completed transaction volume (including acquisitions/dispositions and development) totaling more than 60 million square feet, valued at over $4 billion.

We invest in quality middle market commercial real estate including office, medical office, industrial, and retail. During our long history, we have invested in most major US markets and internationally; however, during our last 20 years, our investment focus has been centered on the Southwest U.S.

Our investment strategy takes into account both market dynamics and investors’ evolving tastes for asset classes and risk profiles. The former is based upon building and maintaining strong relationships with brokers, lenders and other major players in each of the markets we serve; while the latter involves a transparent and accessible working relationship with our investors and understanding their criteria and risk profiles.

When an acquisition opportunity has been identified, our team develops an investment thesis, detailing the business plan and forecasted project-level returns for the investors. Our financial goal is generally based upon the optimization of the equity multiple and IRR.

Our in-house team of property and asset management staff, accountants, and due diligence and leasing personnel manages the property from acquisition through disposition. This integrated approach results in the organization being fully accountable for the success of the investment.